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When I worked in the tool department at Depot and talked to the reps I learned a lot about who owns who and who makes them. It used to be that each of the big brands excelled in a certain tool, like Dewalt in miter saws, Bosch in hammer drills, Milwaukee in sawzalls, etc. but now I don't know as they are all after the bottom line. Just my 2 cents. Itsallabouttheoptions review
The Amish carpenter who converted this machine from electric to gas may not consider it a hack. But it is. And I mean that as a compliment; hacking a tool means altering it in such a way that it better suits the needs of the operator.

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The company that makes Ryobi tools also makes Ridgid tools. Under lisence they make Ridgid as their "pro" brand. Bosch makes Skil as their more economical brand. Black and Decker owns DeWalt, Porter Cable, Delta as their pro brands. Milwaukee cordless drills are the only products that are made by the same company that make both Ridgid and Ryobi.

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The Ridgid 12" scms caught my eye today and it looks pretty good. Large easy to read scales, good placement to saw controls and what looks to be a decent depth guage. Does anyone have personal experience with this saw? I do own a Ridgid 6" ROS and a trim router and am happy with both. just looking for some input before I drop $5-600 on a saw

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Fans of Wilde Tool I have been in the HVAC industry for 47 years and have used Wilde 10″ Water Pump Pliers since I was an apprentice plumber in New Jersey. They have been the most-reliable, well-designed hand tool I have ever owned.

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Just announced Emerson (Parent Company of Ridgid) has just acquired the Tools & Testing division of Textron (Parent Company of GreenLee). For many years these iconic brands were focus exclusively on their respective trades Ridgid was synonymous with Plumbing Tools while GreenLee Electrician Tools. In recent years these once near monopolies have been the target for many brands to challenge; Milwaukee, Dewalt, Southwire – Maxis – Sumner, Current – Jackson, iTool, Wheeler Rex, among ...

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Jun 11, 2013 · The compact tools can press fittings up to a maximum of 1-1/4”, while full size press tools can usually accommodate fittings up to 4” with optional ring attachments. RIDGID has two different compact models, the pistol grip 210-B and the inline 200B, both of which utilize 18V batteries.

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Press Tool Kit, Battery Included, Voltage 12.0, Press Tool Jaw/Pipe Capacity 1/2 In. to 1 In., Use With Pipe/Tubing Material Copper, Crimping Force 1.2 tons, Approximate Cycle Time 5.0 sec., Cordless Tool Battery Type Li-Ion, RIDGID Series, Brushless Motor No, Tool Length 15-7/8 In., Auto-Cycle Yes, Pre-Press Battery Check Yes, Calibration Interval 32,000 Cycles, Battery Included (2) 54HT32 ...

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Nov 25, 2020 · Currently, Ridgid power tools are only sold at Home Depot locations due to a contractual obligation. This doesn’t extend to their hand tools. The power tools they sell are actually produced by TTI, who owns a large portion of the market including Milwaukee. Ridgid’s power tools have a good reputation among professionals.

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Designed for the pro who demands more from their tools. Liftetime Service Agreement. 100% 18V Compatibility RIDGID. All 18V Power Tools are compatible with all 18V batteries, including OCTANE batteries. As always, this tool is backed by the RIDGID Lifetime Service Agreement: FREE Batteries.

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RIDGID®, a leading manufacturer of innovative tools for the professional trades, offers reliable and durable equipment to get... Looking for RIDGID popular content, reviews and catchy facts? Here we go: we found that is not yet a popular website, with moderate traffic (approximately over...

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