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Here we take the Rossi 38 Special down to the range and fire it for the first time. Was pleasantly surprised by it's accuracy. Just a quick overview of the Rossi 6 shot .38 Special P revolver, we take a look what you can get for under $300 these days.Will amazon use dogecoin
The snub-nose.38 Special is a study in trade-offs. The.38 Special is an excellent cartridge coming out of a 4″ barrel. Launched from a 2″ barrel, it can suffer velocity and expansion problems. On the other hand, a.38 with a 4″ barrel won’t fit in your pocket.

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Jan 12, 2014 · The Taurus 85 is an excellent, all around .38 Special revolver. The best grip and application of the proper technique is vital for proper application of the snubnose revolver. Since most gun battles occur at short range, the speed into action of the handgun may count for more than absolute accuracy.

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This is the blued model with the 3" barrel chambered in 38 special with Fixed Sights. The cylinder holds 5 rounds. It was purchased for $250 out the door brand new. As most of you probably know, Rossi (and Heritage Arms) are owned by Taurus so this model has the Taurus safety which requires the use of a supplied key to lock up the hammer.

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I recently purchased a Charter Arms .38 Special Off-Duty revolver w/ 5 shot cylinder and 2" bbl. Quick question is; Can I fire .38+P ammo with it or strictly .38 Special ? Reason is that I have a couple boxes of +P and since this will be the girlfriend's home defense pistol (she doesn't like the Walther .380 I got her) the +P has a little extra ...

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Dec 28, 2010 · First, the good news - I found that the Rossi readily fed all manner of .38 Special cartridges, including my own handloads (158 grain LRN, 158 grain LSWC, and 125 grain JHP bullets) as well as Remington 125 grain SJHP. Accuracy wise, I regularly shot 3" groups at 50 yards with my .38 Special handloads (seated, but not in a mechanical rest).

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38/357 158gr Swaged Lead RN Bullets 38 caliber 158gr Lead Round Nose Bullets. .358 DIA. Swaged lead bullets 9-11 BHN. Made in the USA.

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A revolver chambered in .38 Special is a versatile American classic. Palmetto State Armory has a wide selection of .38 Special ammunition for your concealed carry snubnose, duty revolver, or home defense handgun. Shop brands like Fiocchi, Hornady, Winchester, Magtech, and much more.

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.38 Special Offering firearms safety certification and firearms training required for Mass permits LTC Class A, LTC Class B, or FID Card. Offering firearms safety certification and firearms training required for Mass permits LTC Class A, LTC Class B, or FID Card.

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Jun 12, 2019 · A double-action-only 5-shot.38 Special with a snag-free fully concealed hammer, the 642 in most cases sports a 1 7/8-inch (some 2-, 2.5- and 3- inch models are floating around) stainless steel...

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ROSSI 38 SPECIAL, STUB NOSE, REVOLVER, IN BOX. SN-305160 Lot #147 (Sale Order: 147 of 533) (Sale Order: 147 of 533)

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38 special target pistol. S&W 44 American revolver. Basic Scofield (top break) design. Savage-Stevens-Springfield: Savage Model 110 bolt action rifle. Most of Savage's bolt rifles. Savage Model 24 combination gun. Most of Savage's combination guns. Savage Model 67 pump shotgun. Most of Savage's pump shotguns.

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